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"I have gained confidence with the tricky places that happen in the session. When someone's shame is activated, and when their partner is getting scared by the other's message, those used to be panic points for me. Now I am more comfortable meeting fear to fear, primary to primary as Kathryn would say. I really appreciated Jen's facilitation. She slowed down in exactly the right moments to help me absorb, and would often ask the question I was thinking if I needed more clarification, and hearing Kathryn's thought process was gold."

Wesley Little
LPC, Charlotte NC

"My understanding is deepened, and it is informing my work. I am feeling more confident as a therapist and using Kathryn's style is allowing me to access my clients' inner world more easily. I am also lingering more when their fears/emotions come up. I started playing around with her terminology, and I am finding that helpful (ex. soup of emotions"..) It is very freeing for me to do so and it is well accepted. I loved when Kathryn explained what she did, and it helped me even more when you repeated it in the way that you understood it. Both your "ways" is what made it clear for me."

Chaye Gewirtzman
LCSW, Monsey NY

"Such a rich contribution to the community. You both have a way of bringing authenticity, vulnerability, wisdom, and heart to your teaching. A rare and valuable combination."

Sean Cook
Psy.D., Sacramento CA

"Thank you for your gift to the EFT community. You ladies are wonderful!"

Dianna Troutt
LMFT, Psy.D., Newport Beach CA

"I liked the process of seeing a clip and hearing Kathryn explain the reasoning and Jen exploring in her own way. Today, was great with writing down what you would enact as you do get to learn by doing. That stood out to me as I then felt I was possibly on the right track. I liked the whole process. I came away always learning something, and knowing this is the path to be on. I would absolutely recommend the Video Cafe."

Reka Kluver
CMFT, Omaha NE

"After the Cafe, I am more confident, less self-critical, and more familiar with attachment frame words. Having Kathryn explain her reasons to certain interventions. It’s been so helpful to hear her talk through her sessions. Jen's questions and summarizing has been also very helpful for me to digest and to make sense of EFT."

Sara Jin
LMFT, Pasadena CA

"Magic! I love Kathryn's words, the way she says things that make so much sense, and I love how Jennifer repeats and clarifies, making it all even more likely that it will settle into my brain (and often my heart), in a place where I can retrieve it."

Karen Michelson
LPC, Boulder CO

"I really loved the way the two of you interacted - Jen's very to the point questions and Kathryn's answers. A joy to watch your exchanges. I also appreciated the way you conceptualized step 2 and 3 simply as things happening above and below the line. Love all helpful simplifications. Such a resource for learning! And having the therapists who actually did the session reflect about choice points is invaluable."

Dimitrij Samoilow
Certified EFT Trainer, Oslo Norway

"I appreciated many features including transcripts, tapes, specific interactions re sections of tapes, handouts, and feedback opportunities."

Susan Blair
LCMFT, Gaithersburg MD

"I'm more transparent, more aware of needing to slow down even more and do cognitive exploration of primary experiences with trauma, trusting my own voice within EFT etc... the list goes on. I love the back and forth of watching Kathryn's work and then talking about it."

Amanda Carver
Certified EFT Therapist, Atlanta GA

"I love the questions that were asked by Jen during the filming of the couple because they often reflected my own questions. I think this will give other therapists more confidence knowing that not everybody feels comfortable with EFT for quite a while! And the steps start coming together and they make sense after watching the café."

Deb Schnack
LMFT, Portland OR

""IT FINALLY SUNK IN! I've stopped imagining that if my couples were only with a more experienced EFT therapist, they would surely have gotten to their bonding event by now! Watching Kathryn so gently, calmly and relentlessly wade in and out of the pool gave me more courage to do this with my couples. I found I can lean in to their discomfort with them, be more empathic than I knew was possible, stay in the fear or hurt or pain and in those spaces, just by being there with them, something magical has started to happen in my sessions."

Victoria Holroyd
LPC, LMHC, PhD, Norfolk VA

"Immediately I began to repeat client words (in the first person) with their intonation and a bit of mine (or heightening). Also I began to repeat key phrases of theirs more (like 10 times more)."

Christine Gazulis
Licensed Psychologist, San Rafael CA

"I am working at a deeper level. The courses' emphasis on the feelings of the heart and the complexities of this are most moving to me."

Susan Thau
Ph.D., Psy.D., Los Angeles CA

"I am slowing down, more awareness around if the withdrawer is able to be emotionally self-aware, focusing on interdependency, being more transparent with couples. Limbic lingering for limbic resonance, repair and reprocessing (need to go back over those notes). Many changes, also feeling more confident. I feel as though I am learning EFT for the first time or deepening it at such a deep level."

Carol Corcoran
LCMFT, LMFT, Severna Park MD

"It is great to watch an experienced EFT therapist who is able to integrate theory with a real life couple in real time"

Shane Smyth
MA, RP, Guelph Ontario, Canada

"Seeing 'the master' at work, having her input about her own work with explanations - as well as suggestions for improvement. Exploring the questions posed by Jen to get at the nuance. The discussion of questions helped me understand how EFT can be most effectively, and flexibly, applied in real time. Yes. It brings so much to life. It helps to bring things into accord with the theory - and with sometimes more rigidly held ideas (on my part) of how EFT should be done."

Pat Lyman
PhD, Portage/Kalamazoo MI

"Absolutely recommend! So many goodies learned, so valuable to see stage 2 work, makes me want to see the first stage to see how she set the stage to make that happen."

Robin Potter
Psy.D., Phoenix AZ

"I truly loved it all... The format was perfect"

Rachel Thomas
Certified EFT Supervisor, Scottsdale AZ

"Having the opportunity to watch and listen to Kathryn with her clients and then hearing her talk about the "in the room" experience was a truly remarkable training tool. The best feature of the series for me was the flexibility to view at my own pace. I was not able to participate in the live sessions but I don't feel as if I missed out since I was able to watch and learn on my own time. This was invaluable to my busy schedule."

Tina Sprague
LCSW, Glenview IL

"Oh dear, so much I loved! Seeing the images whilst also hearing Kathryn and Jennifer talk and elaborate and teach and mull over things and then getting the written synopsis! what a brilliant concept you developed. I am so so happy I did this with you and cannot wait for the next cafe stage 2. Absolutely, yes, I would recommend it to all of my supervisors and I will recommend it to them and all my colleagues here in the Netherlands."

Barbara Kohnstamm
Certified EFT Trainer, Amsterdam The Netherlands

"I liked the pace of the Cafe presentations. Your questions, Jennifer, and Kathryn's answers sliced thin the work so that it was more digestible than simply watching the tapes without your observations and self-critiques."

Louise Walker
LMFT, Davis CA

"I liked it all. The focused questions on the video segments, the way Kathryn and Jen brought into focus so many facets of so many gems of therapeutic strategy, practice and atunement in their discussions, the way they interacted with participants via chat, Jen's session summaries - really appreciated the bonus session...thanks!"

Beverlee Ludema
Psy.D., St Charles IL

"It was most helpful having Kathryn talk about why she made the moves that she did during each session. Jennifer also did a great job summarizing what she heard Kathryn saying and helping to solidify those key moves. I learned so much more from hearing both of you talking about the key moves in the session than I did when I was watching the sessions on my own."

John Amendt
LMFT, LCSW, Glen Ellyn IL

"Thank you, Kathryn, for being so transparent. I truly appreciate your explanations of how to successfully DO EFT! Thank you too, Jennifer, for the amazing way you facilitated such a wonderful program!"

LMFT; Marietta & Woodstock GA

"I would recommend it (the Cafe) very much because I learned so much and did not have to go out of the house. This was a great experience. I want to thank Kathryn and Jennifer for sharing their knowledge so openly. I never felt alone. I always had the feeling there is somebody there who is going to answer my questions."

Carmen Weissenberger

"I appreciated the professionalism and the added value of seeing an actual couple, and then talking through the salient points; Jen keeping us on track, and focusing our attention. Kathryn's clarity with her clients on the goal for the session, where they are in the EFT map."

Mary Wilken
Chapin SC

"Hugely helpful. Has changed so much, especially my transparency and willingness to go deeper."

Elizabeth Moitoza

"Video Cafe is offered at a reasonable cost and also accessible again through the videos of the conference. It is a brief time once/week, which is a shot in the arm as I continue to practice and improve my skills."



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