Help your EFT clients move from Reactivity to Vulnerability

Stop the Fight!  Four strategies to show you how!

Watch our free EFT Cafe demonstration video.

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Founders of the EFT Café
Kathryn Rheem has been an ICEEFT Certified Trainer for over 11 years and trains Trainers in EFT. She teaches EFT internationally and has published numerous articles/chapters on various aspects of the model, including the soon to be released Becoming an Emotionally Focused Couple Therapist: The Workbook 2nd Edition. She directs the Washington Baltimore Center for EFT, co-created with Sue Johnson Strong Bonds, Strong Couples, a post-combat deployment program for service members and their partners, and completed the first analysis of the Withdrawer Re-engagement Change Event for her dissertation.

Jennifer Olden is the visionary behind Inside the EFT Café and usually knows the needs of our Insiders instinctively. She asks the right questions to bring EFT to life! She’s an EFT Supervisor extraordinaire, co-created the EFT Lab – an award winning online series, co-founded the Sacramento-Davis EFT Center, teaches EFT classes throughout North America and in Europe, and maintains a private practice.

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It is great to watch an experienced EFT therapist who is able to integrate theory with a real life couple in real time.

Shane Smyth
MA, RP, Guelph Ontario, Canada

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I love the questions that were asked by Jen during the filming of the couple because they often reflected my own questions. I think this will give other therapists more confidence knowing that not everybody feels comfortable with EFT for quite a while! And the steps start coming together and they make sense after watching the café.

Deb Schnack
LMFT, Portland OR

Follow along with Kathryn & Jen and learn how to help your clients move from Reactivity to Vulnerability.


A special, heartfelt thank you to Dr. Sue Johnson,

the brilliant creator and primary developer of EFT for Couples. Sue's hard work, passion and devotion to EFT has improved innumerable lives and relationships around the world. Sue, the best selling author of Hold Me Tight (Little, Brown, 2008), is the Founder & Director of the International Centre for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy (, the home for EFT therapists in over 40 countries. ICEEFT certifies clinicians as EFT Therapists, Supervisors, and Trainers. Kathryn is a Certified ICEEFT Trainer and Jen is a Certified ICEEFT Supervisor.

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