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During these disorienting times of coping with COVID-19, we are with you. Consider joining us not only to learn EFT but to stay connected in real ways with us at The EFT Café 💗

Introducing  Inside the EFT Café ~ A Member Program

Founders of the EFT Café

Kathryn Rheem has been an ICEEFT Certified Trainer for over 10 years and trains Trainers in EFT. She teaches EFT internationally and has published fourteen articles/chapters on various aspects of the model.  She's on the ICEEFT Board, directs the Washington Baltimore Center, co-created with Sue Johnson Strong Bonds, Strong Couples for military personnel,  and completed the first study of Withdrawer Re-engagement for her dissertation.

Jennifer Olden, EFT Supervisor extraordinaire, co-created the EFT Lab -- an award-winning online series on EFT, co-founded the Sacramento Davis (CA) EFT Center, teaches classes on EFT throughout North America and Europe, and maintains a private practice. 

Together, these two experts bring EFT to life with their raw, real, and authentic interactions about the application of the model, learning the model and helping you integrate the model . . .

You Love ❤️ Emotionally Focused Therapy

The Externship was like a scientific discovery and falling in love at the same time.  

You signed up for Core Skills and called your partner about attending a Hold Me Tight (Johnson, 2008) couples workshop.  You looked into your local Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT; Johnson, 2004)  community.  You commented tentatively and bravely on ICEEFT's EFT listserv.  You traded in your couch for two chairs.  

Your camera is set up and ready to record and you have a renewed enthusiasm for your field.  

You have a failed enactment, a failed session, and a failed couple.  Then another, and another. 

OK, and another. 

Then you get in a fight with your partner and your mom and your best friend.  You behave badly.  Crazy.  Then a member of one your couples calls you and tells you that you haven’t helped them enough, that they have spent a lot of time and money on your sessions, and you don’t know what you’re doing. 

To you, of course, it’s obvious.  Maybe she’s right.  Maybe you don’t know what you’re doing.  You may want to give up.  You may question whether you have what it takes to be an EFT therapist. 

Maybe that’s where you are right now: on the edge of the cliff, ready to give up on EFT.  You seriously consider going back to other therapies…the ones that give you a recipe to follow.

All that inspiration and enthusiasm from the Externship has faded.  You blame EFT, yourself, the couples, and love itself.  You can’t decide where to place the fault. 

But then you remember something deep down.


The only thing that has ever been healing in your whole entire life was feeling LOVED and VULNERABLE in the exact same moment. And how that lit everything up inside of you.

In that moment you were changed, and you can’t not know that love heals.  Love sustains, inspires, protects, nourishes, gives meaning, and guides.

It’s that knowing which cannot be erased.  


Come Inside the EFT Café Member Program to anchor you to that deep recognition, to support you when you feel discouraged, and to provide the information and modeling to be a thriving EFT therapist.

We will help you grow your capacity to do EFT.

"It was the best clinical training I ever had. You just keep getting better and better at helping your clients feel and reach.  And Kathryn and Jen are like a well-trained pit crew.  Over and over, you two pause, reflect, validate and distill the work and pass on new nuggets of clinical significance that helps clarify the model and the work. Lovely, lovely, lovely.  Thank you does not begin to express my appreciation."

Tracy Richards, LMFT, LSCW, Certified EFT Therapist

What you get when you become a member Inside the EFT Café

Inside the EFT Café our goal is to break isolation, celebrate success, and provide a refuge for learning, connection, and celebration. Our motto is #bettertogether.


Monthly Live Webinars with Jen & Kathryn where they review and discuss videos from sessions with Real Couples. Held the first Wednesday of each month at 9am PT/12 ET.  If you can’t make the live webinar, the recording will be there for you!


An exclusive online community where clinicians can ask questions, gain support, provide support for colleagues in need, and where we provide resources for all types of EFT questions and needs.  



Full access to pre-recorded EFT Cafe Trainings
~ Stage 1 (6 hours – CEs available)
~ Trauma in Stages 1 + 2 (4.5 hours)
~ Stage 2 with AIRM (6 hours – CEs available)
~ Depth of Emotional Experiencing (4.5 hours)
~ Fundamentals of EFT (4 hours)
Plus more!


Monthly live and interactive Webinars where you can ask us to answer your EFT questions! Some of our best teaching happens in these meetings! (Also recorded!). Held the third Wednesday of each month at 9am PT/12 ET.



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