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The Emotionally Focused Therapy Glossary of Terms is more than just a vocabulary list ...

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Knowing the language of EFT will grow your capacity to help distressed couples, reduce the overwhelm when learning EFT, and deepen your experience of EFT trainings. 

Compiled by Dr. Kathryn Rheem, EFT Trainer & Jennifer Olden, EFT Supervisor (aka The EFT Cafe). 


In EFT, shame is best thought of as a soup of emotion (with both secondary and primary emotions embedded in it).  Shame is an adaptive coping strategy, and its purpose is to protect the person from further rejection.  However, shame (especially with trauma) can become pervasive and pre-emptive.  This is problematic because the action tendency of shame is to hide.  When individuals “hide” in a love relationship, the bond suffers.  Shame wreaks havoc on love.  EFT clinicians are careful to not heighten shame.

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