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About the Cafe with a Focus on Trauma

The echoes of unresolved trauma are most likely to be loudest and most disruptive to individuals’ emotional and social functioning in the context of intimate relationships. As we clinicians know, the key to healing trauma is being able to seek comfort and protection from a loved one. But for trauma survivors, who usually have no template for a safe connection, and their partners, coping with triggers can create escalations. Working to help the trauma survivor reach open-heartedly and the partner respond vulnerably is the focus of this EFT Cafe in the application of EFT with trauma survivor couples.

Emotional dysregulation, known as the hallmark of trauma, scrambles communication, blocks intimacy, and amplifies distress. These four Café meetings emphasize key features in working with emotional echoes: the how of pacing intrapsychic work, the balance between intrapsychic and interpersonal work, and key EFT interventions central to working with emotion both intrapsychically and interpersonally.

In this Cafe, the importance of the clinician’s ability to monitor and respond to client’s moment-to-moment experiences will be highlighted and discussed. You will come away with the knowledge of how to work intrapsychically piece-by-piece with each partner in order to work interpersonally to create healing between them. Learn how to support the trauma survivor in cultivating the courage to reach for comfort and protection (tension between fears and longings) and how to prepare partners to be responsive (an amazing privilege but also an extraordinary pressure for the partner of a trauma survivor).

In this Café, you’ll see how to use voice, reflection, and deepening interventions to help partners make contact, stay in touch in order to distill, and then share vulnerabilities with each other in order to break the familiar yet dreaded feeling of emotional isolation, a common result of enduring trauma.

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