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About the Stage Two Couple:

The Stage Two Video Package is based solely on Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy (EFT; Johnson, 2004). It includes a complete Withdrawer Re-engagement and Pursuer Softening of a couple being seen in private practice with Dr. Kathryn Rheem, LMFT. The series is approximately eight hours long.

Throughout the video series Kathryn weaves in the goal of interdependency, frames tears as beautiful, and encourages both partners to risk and respond. In real time the viewer witnesses the couple’s core paradigm shift. The Withdrawer’s emotional needs are recognized as legitimate; the Pursuer begins to see himself as worthy of love. Kathryn supports and guides each person to explore their inner world and share it, while also providing the necessary scaffolding for the partner to respond.

With Kathryn at the helm this couple transforms their relationship and creates a new legacy for their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. This video is instructive, moving, and will clarify any confusion you have about Stage Two.

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WHAT: Stage Two Cafe with Dr. Kathryn Rheem and Jennifer Olden
WHEN: Wednesdays, October 3rd, 10th, 17th, and 24th, 2018 (Four webinars)
TIME: 90 minutes starting at 9 am pacific/noon eastern
WHERE: Online in your preferred location; perhaps in your slippers sipping coffee or tea!
HOW: You'll receive a Zoom invite 24 hours before each Cafe starts via email! Click, register, engage with your EFT community!
COST: $200.00 for all four gatherings
*If you are unable to attend the Live version you will have access to the recorded version of the webinar for 12 weeks from the start date.

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How it works:

  • During the Café, Jennifer and Kathryn will show video clips of Stage Two sessions (both Withdrawer Re-engagement and Pursuer Softening) with the same couple. After each video clip, Jennifer will ask key questions to help structure a discussion about essential components of Stage Two of EFT, such as interventions, pivotal moments in the session, and the map of EFT as it relates to each particular clip. Kathryn teaches about these essential components highlighted in each clip while Jennifer reflects and emphasizes the main take-aways, which synthesizes the teaching and grounds the learning! You will receive complete transcripts of Kathryn's videos with the couple.
  • Unlike the Stage One webinar, you can purchase a one-year subscription to the entire Stage Two video series (Same couple in nearly weekly therapy. Just over three hours of her Withdrawer Re-engagement and four hours of his Pursuer Softening!) We highly recommend you do this, but it's not required. Click here to purchase your one-year subscription.


Discussion Topics:

  • The shift from shame to vulnerability to connection.
  • How to navigate when the Echoes of Trauma come alive in a Stage 2 session.
  • What is the Experiencing Scale and how it can help you to know whether you are deep enough create a change event.
  • What to do when your Pursuer isn't receptive (accepting) enough to proceed.
  • How to help a shut-down Withdrawer enter his/her inner world and share it.
  • Why transparency is the EFT therapist's best friend and how to use it effectively.
  • What to do when one or both partners get triggered in Stage 2.
  • Understanding the difference between a Step 3 and a Step 5.
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