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In this new Stage One Cafe series, you'll see Kathryn working with a couple where each partner has a complex attachment history. Married seventeen years, this couple has an incredible depth to their love as well as complicated relationship history with each other. Each endured traumas from attachment figures and others before meeting, each is relatively newly sober, and their marriage suffered bi-directional alcohol-influenced intimate partner violence for over ten years. Due to their history and recent events (an Attachment Injury when one had moved out of the marital home), Kathryn did a pre-EFT phase to assess their safety with each other, hopes and longings for their marriage, and goals for couple therapy. Despite all of these complications, each partner will be sure to remind me and you of their early years (fun togetherness, adventures that bonded them, a deep and everlasting love for the other) and of the richness of their enduring love!

Their Stage One sessions (pursue/withdraw pattern) have many of the classic moves (connecting each partner's steps in the dance to each partner's inner-world, Stage One enactments, tracking and reflecting their pattern of interaction) as well as moments and moves when the Echoes of Trauma came alive. Like the partner's love for each other, these sessions are rich with moments...moments of new realizations and then new experiences for each wife, moments of grasping and tolerating the depth of the pain in their hearts and marriage, moments of emerging primary emotion that hadn't been felt in years, and moments of laughter, love, and grace that all of humanity needs and deserves!

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