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increase in palpable and meaningful ways."

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From your EFT peers:

My worst fear is that I will never be good enough to be certified.
I often don’t know if I’m in the target zone for the revision-of-self and revision-of-other.
I’m embarrassed how afraid I become when emotions run high in a session and a part of me just wants to scream, “Can't everyone just be NICE!”
I’m never sure if I’m in Stage One or Stage Two and therefore I can’t tell if I should go deeper or stay in the affective shallow end of the pool.
I’m worried that I won’t be able to take couples deep enough for limbic revision to occur.
I’m scared I will never be efficient with the model.
I’m afraid I will not get traction with the Withdrawer and we will languish in Stage One FOREVER!

These are common feelings and fear!
Our mission in the Cafe is to antedote these.



As an EFT therapist, you already know that in order for your couples to create a happy and thriving relationship, each partner must:

1. Go toward their own inner world of pain, fear, and sadness. They must focus on it even as it grows.

2. They must share it with their partner and together they hold their collective pain.  Sharing pain shrinks it.

Love relationships benefit and require deep emotion and vulnerable sharing.  


However, emotions can be chaotic, hidden, confusing, layered, disassembled, flooding, overwhelming, compartmentalized and difficult to decipher.  Not to re-state the obvious but working with emotions can be harrowing.


The Experiencing Scale (Klein, Mathieu, Keisler, & Gendlin, 1969) will help you navigate and tolerate The Harrowing.

It is to an EFT therapist what a lightsaber is to Luke Skywalker; it's Harry Potter's wand and Batman's utility belt. It's a secret weapon against the cycle, and a navigation tool. It supports all your therapeutic work but especially so in the Stage Two Change Events. So many of your questions about what to do next will be answered when you integrate the Experiencing Scale. Basically, the EXP Scale is a way to objectively measure the subjective emotional depth of your clients’ experiences.

For those of you new to EFT, or new to The Experiencing Scale, it is a research tool that has relevant clinical applications.

In fact, all EFT process research has used the Experiencing Scale!

Learning the Experiencing Scale will orient you to what you need to do next. You'll better be able to tolerate The Harrowing in session, and trust that when you're in the deep emotional waters, you're exactly where you need to be!

In the Experiencing Scale Café we will:

➠▷ Define each level of experiencing and exactly where we need to be in order to have a successful change event.

➠▷ Show clips of Kathryn’s work with her couples to demonstrate moving from Level 3 (reactive) to Levels 4+ (self-descriptive, exploratory, integrative).

➠▷ Learn the interventions to help move up the Scale to greater depth of experiencing for both the Pursuer and the Withdrawer.

➠▷ Learn how to work through and with the inevitable blocks to both experiencing emotion and sharing it.

➠▷ Watch clips from both Stage One and Stage Two and learn how they are different.   

➠▷ Learn how to work with reactive emotion in order to access the deeper emotions, with examples from Kathryn’s work.

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❖ WHAT: > Experiencing Scale with Dr. Kathryn Rheem and Jennifer Olden

❖ WHEN: >  Wednesdays, July 17th, 24th, 31st and August 7th, 2019  (Four webinars)

❖ TIME: > 90 minutes starting at 9 am pacific/noon eastern

❖ WHERE: > Online in your preferred location; perhaps in your slippers sipping coffee or tea!

❖ HOW: > You'll receive a Zoom invite 24 hours before each Cafe starts via email! Click, register, engage with your EFT community!

❖ COST: > $200.00 for all four gatherings 

*If you are unable to attend the Live version you will have access to the recorded version of the webinar for 12 weeks from the start date. *  CE's will be provided. * Transcripts provided.


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