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Inside the EFT Cafe ListServ, we bring together Emotionally Focused Therapists from all over the world to master EFT, so that we can provide the highest quality attachment-based therapy by normalizing mistakes as necessary steps toward excellence, filling information gaps, crowdsourcing, and breaking the isolation of private practice.
If you would like to join the EFT Cafe ListServ, please review the following guidelines carefully, and submit your details and acceptance. 

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☕ Diversity is our goal. The more diverse (and emotionally supportive and safe) our community, the stronger and healthier it will be. The future is in the margins so anytime there is a decision to be made, we look to the margins and ask ourselves if ALL voices are being heard. We work to be humble and receptive. There is so much we don’t know, but we error on the side of supporting those most marginalized in the field.

☕ The focus of this group is Emotionally Focused Therapy. Bring your questions about the model, and be mindful about confidentiality. The litmus test is that if you are writing a question about a client and they happen to read it, would they recognize themselves? If the answer is yes, then you need to make the question more veiled and global.

☕ Be inclusive, generous, and considerate when posting. Give each other the benefit of the doubt. Assign positive intent to each other whenever possible. Zero bullying, zero shaming/blaming, name calling from anyone. Find that chord that is both kind and true, engaged and vulnerable, loving and imperfect. If you wouldn’t say it to someone’s face, don’t say it online.

☕ Give more than you take from this group. This means that you can advertise your Hold Me Tight, EFT class or intro, or Cultural Competency workshop any day of the month, BUT/AND you tend to avoid drive-by marketing and work to contribute to the listserv by asking or answering questions.

☕ No marketing of non-EFT related resources.

☕ When seeking a referral, include the word “REFERRAL” or “ISO" (in search of) in the subject line followed by the location, i.e. "REFERRAL: San Francisco - for family” or “ISO: NYC - EFIT therapist for young woman in college.” If we use “REFERRAL” OR “ISO,” it will make it much easier for folks to quickly delete unwanted emails.

☕ Context is king, meaning that there are human rights issues that impact our clients directly and in order to understand their pain and attune more accurately, we need to understand the climate out of which that pain arose. It’s in this spirit that we can talk about Black Lives Matter, or other human rights topics that impact the lives of the people we are working to help. We try not to make people wrong. We work to move the conversation forward.

☕ Removal from listserv: In the unlikely event that anyone posts something unkind, judgmental, offensive, and/or inappropriate, the listserv moderating team has the option to either warn that person or, if need be, remove them from the listserv. Depending on the “offense,” they will almost certainly be allowed to rejoin, if and as appropriate repairs are made…to any person(s) harmed and to the listserv, itself.

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