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If you believe that healing happens in relationships and you know that being vulnerable and loved in the exact same moment is powerful medicine, you are in the right place. 


And if you trust that love has the capacity to sustain, protect, nourish and your therapy reflects these deepest values, then you absolutely must learn Emotionally Focused Therapy. We promise it’s what you’ve been looking for and it will become your theoretical home and North Star.

It's OK. We get it. 

Doing Couple Therapy is Hard. 

With over 30 years of EFT experience between us, we have found that the best model for couple therapy is Sue Johnson’s Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT). 

EFT knows how to cultivate, maintain, and repair a bond. When you do EFT, the whole family wins. 

As a side benefit, learning EFT can help to strengthen your own most important relationships.

EFT is empirically validated, researched backed, and shown to help over 70% of couples.

EFT will help you to become attuned so you’re working in the right places, help you to trust your knowledge and sustain your professional trajectory!

Learn emotionally focused therapy

Founders of the EFT Café

Jennifer Olden, EFT Supervisor extraordinaire, co-created the EFT Lab -- an award-winning online series on EFT, co-founded the Sacramento Davis (CA) EFT Center, teaches classes on EFT throughout North America and Europe, and maintains a private practice. 

Kathryn Rheem has been an ICEEFT Certified Trainer for over 10 years and trains Trainers in EFT. She teaches EFT internationally and has published fourteen articles/chapters on various aspects of the model.  She's on the ICEEFT Board, directs the Washington Baltimore Center, co-created with Sue Johnson Strong Bonds, Strong Couples for military personnel,  and completed the first study of Withdrawer Re-engagement for her dissertation.

Together, these two experts teach couple therapists what to do in session when one partner is dis-engaged or withdrawn, and the other partner is full of blame and anger. 

Kathryn and Jen demonstrate how to help a couple heal from betrayal, cope with loss, and earn a secure bond after one or both partners endured a traumatic childhood.

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Between March 15 – 25, sign up for this one-time opportunity to learn the Fundamentals of EFT ... in your pajamas!

Once you sign up, we will send you a video of all the basics of EFT. Then, starting April 1, you’ll get access to a special section where another video featuring a real couple in therapy with Kathryn will be ready for your viewing. On April 8 and again on April 29, join us live for Café Webinars (Wednesdays at noon eastern) where we discuss and teach from another video of a real couple in therapy with Kathryn. Transcripts of the therapy sessions and transcripts of the webinars will be provided!

You have two months to watch and re-watch these 4 videos before getting a special invitation to join hundreds of your peers Inside the EFT Café Member Program starting June 1! Once Inside the EFT Café, you’ll get access to teaching videos for Stage 1, Stage 2, Trauma, and Emotional Experiencing as well as new monthly Webinars with Real Couples and Office Hours, where your EFT questions get answered!

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The EFT Café is an interactive, online Member Program where you WATCH THERAPY with REAL COUPLES while learning the basics of this very effective model!   

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