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About the Behind The Mirror with Kathryn!

Beginning on March 20th, the EFT Café will host a very special and different course called, “Behind the Mirror with Dr. Kathryn Rheem.”

Kathryn will hold the weekly session and then the following Wednesday, as a class, we will watch the session over Zoom. Kathryn will answer questions after the session. About the couple: each partner has a complex attachment history. Married seventeen years, this couple has an incredible depth to their love as well as complicated relationship history with each other. Each endured traumas from attachment figures and others before meeting, each is now sober, and their marriage suffered bi-directional alcohol-influenced intimate partner violence for over ten years.

When we initially talked about this possibility, I asked Kathryn, “Are you sure this is a good idea? What if a session goes badly?”

Kathryn answered, “Let’s prioritize authenticity. Let’s show the real deal. Let’s take the risk to continue supporting this lovely couple and our wonderful Café participants. If things go south, then we will talk about it. Let’s trust the model, ourselves, the couple and the participants. We don’t have to titrate our exposure. Let’s continue to show up, do the work, share the work, and learn together.”


She prioritizes substance over image, and privileges your take away over her own comfort. Kathryn estimates they have another handful of sessions before they “graduate” so she’s inviting us to join her session, unedited, with all her humanity and the couple’s humanity on display. No showcasing; it’s where the EFT rubber meets the road.

Also, this class is for the advanced practitioner. Since we are “parachuting in” to the mid-late parts of Stage 2 and this is a couple with a complex pattern, we want to make sure you know the model, are comfortable with the steps and stages, recognize and do the Tango, and have navigated the nuances involved in assessing for contra-indications.

If you have a couple who trauma survivors and are struggling to get traction, this class WILL help you.

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